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About Laparoscopic Surgery

In the past, the majority of surgical operations were performed using what is known as open surgery. This technique involves making a large incision in the abdomen to access the area of concern, allowing the surgeon to operate as needed. Over recent years, new surgical techniques have been adapted as a result of modern medical practices. Of these new techniques that have been developed, thanks to advancements in the field, laparoscopic surgery is among the most successful widely used.

Laparoscopic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that places three or four tiny incisions into the abdominal wall, enabling a surgeon to conduct a major operation with smaller, advanced instruments. When our patients at Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery receive life-changing care with laparoscopic surgery, they are nearly always able to enjoy quicker recovery times and smaller scars. Our skilled team of board-certified surgeons is one of the few in the country that boasts a high level of experience in carrying out this innovative technique. Contact one of our North Houston or West Houston, TX offices to learn more about laparoscopic surgery and its many benefits.

Ideal Candidates

Any patient receiving surgery for Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, rectal prolapse, severe constipation, gallbladder removal, or cancer treatment could be a potential candidate for laparoscopic surgery. To fully determine your eligibility, our surgeons will have to assess your current health, medical history, and the nature of your operation. Some patients may not be ideal candidates for laparoscopic surgery. Regardless of what is decided in the end, our team will work closely with you to determine which surgical method is best for your overall health and safety. The reason why many individuals tend to opt for laparoscopic surgery is because of the potentially shorter recovery times and small scars. While minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery has been proven to be just as safe as open surgery, the latter will typically be implemented for patients receiving emergency treatment.

Surgical Technique

Your operation will most likely take place in a hospital environment while you are under general anesthesia. This is to ensure that your comfort level is maintained throughout the process. To begin your surgery, one of our colorectal specialists will make several half-inch incisions into your abdominal wall. Then, using the laparoscope (lighted camera device) and advanced instruments, we will expertly navigate through your abdomen and perform the needed surgical objectives. Once your operation is complete, we will then suture your incisions closed. The specific details of your surgery will vary, depending on the procedure you are having done. Some treatments are completed quicker than others, and some can often be completed in multiple stages.


Some patients are able to leave the hospital as early as the day of or the day after their procedure. Before you're released, a member of our team will supply you with detailed post-op instructions so you can effectively care for your incisions as you heal. The recovery period following your operation will vary, depending on the surgery you are having, as well as your body's unique healing speed, but laparoscopic surgery does allow patients to heal quicker on average. Once your incisions have healed, any scarring left behind will be small. You should attend any and all scheduled follow-up appointments at Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery so our doctors can monitor your progress and ensure that you're recovering well. We encourage you to contact our office if you have any questions or notice any abnormalities.


The team at Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery is proud to offer our patients access to the latest developments in the medical industry. This includes access to advanced, personalized care, as well as a wider range of options for surgical treatments. Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery has allowed many men and women to enjoy quicker recovery times, smaller, less noticeable scars, and increased post-op comfort. To learn more about the ways we can make your colorectal treatment easier while maintaining your safety and wellness, contact one of our North Houston or West Houston, TX offices.

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