Rectal Pain in Houston, TX

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About Rectal Pain

Rectal pain is discomfort in the lower portion of the gastrointestinal tract. This pain can occur before, during, or after a bowel movement and is very common among both men and women. Discomfort can arise as a mild ache and progress to severe, chronic pain that can impede daily function or bowel movements. Our board-certified colorectal surgeons are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of rectal pain and have helped many patients improve their gastrointestinal (GI) health. If you have been experiencing rectal discomfort or abnormal changes in your bowel movements, contact our office in North Houston or West Houston, TX today. At Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery, we can help provide the answers you need to live a healthy, vibrant life.

Potential Causes

Some of the leading causes of rectal pain include:

  • Hemorrhoids: This is painful swelling of one or more veins in the anus. The most discomfort is usually experienced when sitting down.
  • Anal fissure: This is a small tear in the tissue at the opening of the rectum. This develops when excessive stretching occurs.
  • Fleeting anal spasms: Doctors are unsure of the exact cause of this phenomenon, but they do know the anal sphincter muscle is a dominant factor. This condition is most common in women.
  • Levator ani syndrome: This involves the collection of muscles that surround and support the anus. Spasms of these muscles are what cause rectal pain.

However, there are other conditions that may contribute to this pain as well, such as colorectal cancer, infection, sexually transmitted diseases, skin disorders, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

When to see a doctor

We encourage patients to maintain routine health exams with their primary doctor, and if you are over the age of 50, annual checkups with a GI specialist to monitor your gastrointestinal health. If you are experiencing chronic or recurrent rectal pain, you should schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional as soon as possible. This is especially recommended if you have noticed rectal bleeding or an abnormal growth around your rectum.

Treatment Options

In order to identify the source of your pain, a physical and/or digital exam of your rectum will be performed. Once all of the diagnostic testings are complete, we can determine whether hemorrhoids, anal fissure, muscle spasms, or levator ani syndrome is the cause of your discomfort. Depending on the exact root and severity of your condition, different treatments may be considered to ease your pain and improve your overall GI health. To help control and lessen your discomfort, we may prescribe medicated creams or anti-inflammatory medication. In some cases, minor surgery may be necessary.

Improve your GI Health

If you have been experiencing dull or acute rectal pain, we invite you to call Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery in North Houston or West Houston, TX to set up an appointment with one of our seasoned colorectal surgeons. Our team has years of diverse training and experience in treating all kinds of gastrointestinal conditions, including mild to severe rectal pain. We will also help determine the underlying cause of your condition so you can get the treatment you need to improve your overall colorectal health.

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