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About Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, is a relatively new technique that our colorectal specialists use to effectively perform a variety of complex operations, such as hernia repair and colon surgery. Like laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery uses a laparoscope and makes tiny incisions throughout the abdomen. Through these tiny incisions, slender, advanced tools are placed. Our board-certified surgeons can then control these advanced tools while seated at a console. One of the greatest advantages of this technology is the use of the robot gives our surgeons access to comprehensive, 3D images of your internal abdominal structures.

To carry out this technique, our North Houston and West Houston, TX offices enlist the innovative da Vinci Surgical System. The staff at Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery strive to offer patients the latest techniques and solutions to restore their colorectal health. To learn more about robotic surgery and the many things it can accomplish, contact one of our offices and speak to a member of our team.

Ideal Candidates

Patients set to receive surgery for hernia repair or colorectal cancer could benefit from robot-assisted surgery by enjoying shorter recovery times and smaller scars. During your consultation, our surgeons will review your medical history, current health, and assess your condition before we are able to determine if robotic surgery will be used to carry out your procedure. Our team will always opt for the surgical technique that provides you with the highest level of safety and efficiency, whether that's open surgery, laparoscopic, or robotic. For patients having a hernia repair operation, the size of the hernia will be considered to determine whether robotic surgery is the best option. In many cases, we employ the da Vinci Surgical System to rebuild the weakened portion of the abdominal wall.

Surgical Technique

Since robotic surgery is implemented for major operations, your procedure will take place at an accredited surgical facility where you will be put under general anesthesia. The process for robotic surgery is similar to laparoscopic surgery: first, several tiny incisions will be made into the abdomen, followed by the insertion of a small camera device and surgical instruments. The abdomen will be inflated, giving our surgeons plenty of room to operate. The images observed from the camera will then be projected onto screens, giving our team a full, 3D view of your internal abdominal structures. Our surgeons will then perform your surgery by maneuvering the console, which will control the movements and actions of the tools. Once your surgery is complete, your incisions will be closed with sutures and you will be taken to an on-site recovery area. Robot-assisted surgery is often used to perform the following:

  • Hernia repair for small hernias
  • Rebuilding the abdominal wall following a hernia
  • Colon resection surgery
  • Rectal resection surgery
  • Rectopexy


Depending on the procedure you receive and your condition, you may be able to leave our office on the day of or after your operation. Some of the benefits of minimally invasive surgery, either robotic or laparoscopic, is that patients get to enjoy shorter recovery times on average, smaller incisions and scars, and less post-operative discomfort. A member of our team will provide you with post-op care instructions before you're discharged so you can properly care for your incisions and know what to expect as you begin the healing process. We advise patients to attend all of their scheduled follow-up visits at our office so we can monitor your progress and recovery. If you have any questions or concerns following your hernia repair or colon surgery, we encourage you to contact Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery. We will be here to help you every step of the way.


The various surgical techniques available for colorectal operations have progressed impressively in recent years. With minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery, our trained colorectal specialists are able to expertly carry out procedures to repair hernias and treat colorectal cancer for a number of individuals. This surgical method comes with many advantages, including smaller scars, shorter recovery times, and less post-op pain following a major operation. If your goal is to receive treatment from a board-certified team of surgeons who put your health and safety first, contact Houston Colon and Rectal Surgery in Northwest Houston, TX.

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