Good bowel habits

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Most people will have different lifestyles and different bowel habits. Some people go once every 3 days while others go three times a day. All this could be normal. If there is a recent change in your bowel habits then consult our doctors. The following is a brief discussion on how to establish a good normal bowel habit.


  • Increase fiber in your diet. You should aim to take 30gms of fiber per day. These foods contain a large amount of fiber:
  • Bran, cereal, whole wheat (brown) bread, toasts, tortilla
  • Fruits especially prune, bananas, raisins, fig, apple with peel and orange.
  • Vegetables including corn, spinach, peas, bean, Brussels sprout, broccoli, sauerkraut.
  • In addition you may use Metamucil, Konsyl, Fibercon, Psyllium, and Citrucel with large amount of fiber.
  • Increase fluid intake, drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid fast foods, fries and cheese.


  • Try to establish a routine going to restroom every morning; never ignore natures call. Whenever you have the urge to go, do not try to suppress it. You should also know that every person has different bowel habits. Some variation is normal. Some go every day, others may have a bowel movement once every 2-3 days while some others may have 2-3 bowel movements per day.
  • Do not strain for defecation: It is not a good idea to strain or bear down for a bowel movement. In fact this can lead to all sorts of complications in your pelvic area. Please try to avoid any urges to push down for bowel movement. If you do have to, breathe in and squeeze your ABS to push, not the pelvic floor muscles.


  • Use lukewarm water to clean the area after every bowel movement.
  • Take a Sitz bath 3 times a day. Each time you should sit in the bath for 10 minutes and dab yourself dry after the bath. Use warm water, not hot water. It is not necessary to put any salts or medications in the bath.
  • Avoid aggressive cleaning of the anal area skin. Be gentle!
  • Avoid direct use of soaps, deodorants, powder or over the counter ointments on the anal area skin.

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