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Rectal pain and bleeding are warning signs

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You must never assume that your rectal pain or bleeding is from hemorrhoids. I have seen many patients who thought their bleeding was from “hemorrhoids” and ignored their symptoms for years, only to realize too late in the course of disease that the pain or bleeding was actually coming from a cancer! You must get yourself checked by a proctologist. Proctologists are colon and rectal surgeons who specialize in treatment of the diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

Do hemorrhoids cause pain?

Contrary to popular belief hemorrhoids rarely cause pain. If you have pain in the rectum you may be suffering from a complication of hemorrhoid such as thrombosis (blood clot) or strangulation (loss of blood supply to the hemorrhoid). More commonly rectal pain is from an abscess (collection of pus) or a fissure (tear in the lining of anus).

What causes bleeding from the rectum?

There are many causes of bleeding from the rectum. The most serious cause of bleeding is colon cancer. Other causes include polyps, colitis, diverticulosis and hemorrhoids. If you have rectal bleeding you must see a colon & rectal surgeon immediately and get your colon checked. You must never assume that bleeding is from “hemorrhoids”.

I suffer from burning and itching around the rectum. Can you suggest any treatment?

In most cases burning and itching around the anus is caused by excessive cleaning or rubbing around the sensitive anal skin. Lack of cleaning and hygiene can also cause the same symptoms. Use of creams, ointments or deodorants can also cause an allergic reaction in skin and result in itching. Some infections and skin conditions may also cause the same symptoms and rarely cancer of the rectum may lead to similar symptoms. It is therefore important to see a colon & rectal surgeon to determine the cause of burning and itching before recommending a treatment.

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